420 Baked Boxes

420 Baked Boxes

420 Baked Boxes420 Baked Boxes420 Baked Boxes

420 Subscription Service! 

Get all your headshop accessories in a box for a better value! 

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to also view our customized Baked original box site where you can now choose the piece you always wanted!! 

About Us


Pick the box that works best for you!

Baked Boxes specializes in providing every customer with the right box to fit everyone's needs. Wether you prefer to smoke or consume your herb, you can choose from a variety of Baked Boxes filled with tobacco pipes, rolling papers, accessories and more! Browse our selection and find the one that would be perfect for you or your friend!  420 Boxes are also great for gifts! From customized Him and Her Boxes, to simple pipe and paper boxes, we always enjoy adding some sweet treats and surprises, but if that's not enough check out our delicious baked munchie box! Packed full of the best craving quenchers! 


We provide only the best premium smoking accessories available!

We offer one time orders here at Baked Boxes to get you started with no  supscription or recurring fees! But for all you true 420 enthusiast make sure you check out our subscription  and get a box every month with something new and exciting inside!


Each Box is different and unique!

Each month will bring something new! Get your baked box delivered to your door each month with the best premium glass and accessories.